Spiritual Questions Answered


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The purpose of this site is to try to answer all the questions seekers and believers alike, may have.  
We will attempt to do so without all the "churchiness" or "preachiness" you may find elsewhere and want
to avoid.  We'll try to stick to layman's terms, in good old-fashioned, modern American.

Further, we will try to give basic explanations and help without using the "church lingo" with which
not everyone is familiar.  

For topics not covered here, we do provide a page
of links, so that you may find what you are seeking. 
If all else fails, please email us with your questions.  Our goal is to help.  And if we do not have an answer, we will do our best to get one for you.

Finally, Spiritual Questions Answered, though in the works for several years, is a fairly new site.  Check back often for new pages, new information, new
links, new questions and answers. 

We had to start someplace.  Every time we thought we were ready to go live, we thought of more questions.  And you will find several pages that are still under construction.  But we reached a point where we realized, this will always be a work in progress.  There will always be more questions.  And we will never be truly finished, until the Lord returns. 



P.S. --  This site is designed to be easy on the eyes, so anyone can spend time here without eye strain or headaches.  Thus the large, simple fonts and soft colors.  We apologize if the colors are not best for your particular visual concerns.

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